This article has a four fold purpose as follows:
1) To identify the point of origin of the universe,
2) To reconcile the Big Bang expanding universe theory with a steady state universe,
3) To identify the location of all anti-matter in the universe, and
4) To identify a possible source and location of unobserved mass needed to explain the observed rotation of galaxies that appear to require additional gravity from unobserved mass or dark mass to explain their rotation.

This article does not prove its conclusions by experimental evidence but it is my belief experimental evidence would support declining mass and spin energy of the newly named "Celeritron" point of origin over time. The article is a work in progress and is intended to be updated as more information can be added. The version posted was last modified August 1, 2009 with the renaming of all dimensions to electron orbitals. An abstract of the article is at right and the complete PDF version can be viewed and/or downloaded from the link below:

Physics of the Celeritron and Universe Article
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Physics of the Celeritron and Universe

The universe began with a point of origin that still exists and is the newly named and previously undefined "Celeritron". The Celeritron's position is fixed at the origin and there is only one Celeritron in the universe. The Celeritron is polarized, one pole at the origin, one pole at infinity extruding everything that exists in the universe in an “mc” electron orbital wave of mass and light. Since the universe is thought to be expanding at the speed of light and since time does not exist at the speed of light, the source of the expansion must still be at time zero, or the origin, and would therefore be the infinity pole of the Celeritron. Energy for Celeritron to extrude the “mc” electron orbital wave comes from its spin, both mass and spin energy of the Celeritron are decreasing as the “mc” electron orbital wave is extruded. Each electron orbital is an individual “mc” wave and has a DNA like helix structure due to the spin of the Celeritron at the infinity pole extrusion point.

Since the Celeritron exists at the boundary conditions of our Universe, Origin and Infinity, and outside our Universe, which makes it unobservable, it has been inferred to be spinning and emitting at its infinity pole by observation of the helix structure of DNA in living organisms. Quantum electron orbitals are extruded electron orbital lines with the infinity pole of the Celeritron at their source. Gravitational bending of time space orbitals at the Celeritron poles due to electrically related gravitational force makes it possible for the Celeritron to extrude the “mc” wave into all the quantum electron orbitals simultaneously.

Positive time only exits while the Celeritron is extruding the “mc” wave during half of its cycle, while the other half there is no extrusion as the “mc” wave re-enters the Celeritron to recharge mass and spin energy. The Universe was created at the joining of the “mc” wave with the Celeritron “c” as an integration =  resulting in the total energy equation E = mc2 + a constant of integration “a”. “a” is negative and equal to -mc2 to keep total energy in balance at zero. Negative “a” indicates the Celeritron and “mc” wave are in a repeating cycle with mass and energy transferred back and forth between the Celeritron and wave. Dark mass is mass contained within the Celeritron that has not been extruded and is decreasing over time until it reaches zero while dark energy is increasing until it reaches “a” or -mc2. Re-entry of “mc” wave into Celeritron restores mass and spin energy in a continuing cycle. Anti-matter remains inside the Celeritron as the "mc" wave is extruded and is reunited and canceled when the "mc" wave re-enters the Celeritron. 

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