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Dallas/Fort Worth - Things To Do Dallas/Fort Worth - Things To Do, Author/Journalists H. Allen Smith and Lowell Thomas, Teacher/Author Mabel Barbee Lee and Jungle Adventurer "Burma Jack" Girsham. Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank of Japan Monetary Intermediation Costs to their Economies, U.S., EU and Japanese Economic Recovery Plans, Margarita's is a recipe for homemade Margaritas and also has some history of the Margarita. Physics of the Celeritron and Universe is about the origin of the universe possibly being a newly named and previously undefined "Celeritron" black hole.

Highlights of This Site:
Dallas/Fort Worth - Things To Do.
H. Allen Smith, Author/Journalist.
Lowell Thomas, Author/Journalist.
Mabel Barbee Lee, Teacher/Author.
"Burma Jack" Girsham, Jungle Adventurer/WWII Scout.
Central Bank Monetary Intermediation Cost - Added January 27, 2013.
Federal Reserve Monetary Intermediation Cost.
European Central Bank Monetary Intermediation Cost - Added December 27, 2012.
Bank of Japan Monetary Intermediation Cost.
EU Economic Recovery Plan - Added July 27, 2012.
U.S. Economic Recovery Plan - Added September 3, 2012.
Japanese Economic Recovery Plan - Added December 10, 2012.
Physics of the Celeritron and Universe - Revised August 1, 2009.
Robert de Fremery, Monetary Historian - Added January 18, 2022.

H. Allen Smith, Author/Journalist
Lowell Thomas, Author/Journalist

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