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Name: Amanda L Mozingo
Email: Mozingo, Amanda L
Date: Fri Nov 8 20:54:00 2013
Comments: My husband and I visited Cripple Creek recently, and I bought Cripple Creek, The Early Days. I enjoyed Mrs. Lee's writing and her ability to make you experience the town and times in a very special way. I was very touched by her book. I am curious what came of her daughter, Barbara Lee?

Thank you!

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Name: Bernard Shelley Abell
Email: Bernard Shelley Abell
Date: Sat Dec 20 15:37:06 2008
Comments: I have read Cripple Creek Days, and The Rainbow Years. I live in N.E. Oregon, and am familiar with the Rainbow Mine, and the Mormon Basin area it talks about.

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Name: William Haugen
Email: whaugen@flash.net
Date: Sat Jul 12 10:07:00 2008
Comments: After reading Lowell Thomas' biography Good Evening Everybody where he talks about the adventures he had growing up in the gold rush town of Victor, Colorado, Lowell mentions his favorite teacher while in school (10th grade) was Mabel Barbee Lee. Thirty years after having first read that and three years after visiting Cripple Creek and Victor, Colorado I read two of Mabel Barbee Lee's books; Cripple Creek Days and Back in Cripple Creek. Both of these books are about the Cripple Creek/Victor area, the first is about Mabel's growing up in the area during the gold rush boom town days and the second is about a return visit during the summer of 1952 after retiring from a teaching career. Lowell Thomas wrote the introduction to both books. Mabel Barbee Lee is a good writer and I very much enjoyed reading her books.

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