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Lowell Thomas


Lowell Thomas Book and Movie List

Lists are in chronological order. If you know of additional titles, please send an email message and they will be added to the list! Some of  Lowell Thomas' books are available online and some are still in print, the library and out of print book stores also usually have some of his books. Additional books may be available by doing a current search for Lowell Thomas books available on Barnes & Noble Out of Print Search Page (Review the entire list when looking for a hard to find out of print book since titles can be listed with different spellings).


With Lawrence In Arabia - 1924, reprinted 1967, 2003
(This book made T.E. Lawrence and Lowell Thomas world famous)
(Text also available online at Internet Archive)

Beyond Khyber Pass - 1925, reprinted 2001
(Text also available online at Internet Archive)

The First World Flight: Being the Personal Narratives of Lowell Smith, Erik Nelson, Leigh Wade, Leslie Arnold, Henry Ogden, John Harding - 1925 (Editor)

The Boy's Life of Colonel Lawrence - 1927, revised edition 1938
(For young readers, story about T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia)'s adventures)

Count Luckner: The Sea Devil - 1927, reprinted 1964, 2003
(About World War I German Sea Raider/Commander Graf (Count) Felix von Luckner)

European Skyways: The Story of a Tour of Europe by Airplane - 1927

Raiders of the Deep - 1928, reprinted 1994, 2004
(About World War I German U-Boats)

Adventures in Afghanistan for Boys - 1928

Woodfill of the Regulars: A True Story of Adventure from the Arctic to the Argonne - 1929
(Story about World War I Congressional Medal of Honor winner Samuel Woodfill)

The Hero of Vincennes: The Story of George Rogers Clark - 1929
(Story of American Revolutionary War hero George Rogers Clark, older brother of William Clark, of Lewis & Clark expedition)

The Sea Devil's Fo'c'sle - 1929
(More adventures of Count Luckner)

The Wreck of the Dumaru : A Story of Cannibalism in an Open Boat - 1930
(Story of the survivors of the Dumaru that sunk in the Pacific during World War I)

India: Land of the Black Pagoda  - 1930, reprinted 2005
(Stories from around India with photos by Harry A. Chase)

Lauterbach of the China Sea: Escapes and Adventures of a Seagoing Falstaff - 1930
(Story of Captain Lauterbach, navigator of the German cruiser Emden, while raiding in the western Pacific and Indian Ocean early in World War I)

Rolling Stone: The Life and Adventures of Arthur Radclyffe Dugmore - 1931
(Story of pioneering American wildlife photographer and painter Arthur Radclyffe Dugmore)

Tall Stories: The rise and Triumph of the Great American Whopper - 1931
(Illustrated by Herb Roth)

This Side of Hell: Dan Edwards, Adventurer - 1932
(Story about World War I Congressional Medal of Honor winner Daniel R. Edwards)

Kabluk of the Eskimo - 1932
(Story of Louis Romanet, a fur buyer on the Koksoak River in Québec, Canada from about 1903 to 1920, apparently given the name Kabluk by the Eskimos)

American Travelers' Guide Book: Spain - 1932
(With Frank Shoonmaker)

Old Gimlet Eye: The Adventures of Smedley D. Butler - 1933
(Young readers book about World War I soldier and double Congressional Medal of Honor winner Smedley Darlington Butler)

Thrills - 1933

Fan Mail - 1935
(Illustrated by Otto Soglow)

The Untold Story of Exploration - 1935
(About little known explorers and history of exploration)

A Trip to New York with Bobby and Betty - 1936
(Bobby and Betty children's book)

Thrilling Moments in Thrilling Lives -(pamphlet) Sun Oil Company - 1936

Seeing Canada with Lowell Thomas - 1936
(Young readers book about Canada with photos)

Seeing India with Lowell Thomas - 1936
(Young readers book about India with photos)

Men of Danger - 1936

Born To Raise Hell: The Life Story of Tex O'Reilly, Soldier of Fortune - 1936, reprinted 2001
(With Tex O'Reilly)

Seeing Mexico with Lowell Thomas - 1937
(Young readers book about Mexico with photos)

Adventures Among Immortals - 1937
(With Percy Burton)

Hungry Waters: The Story of the Great Flood, Together with an Account of Famous Floods of History and Plans for Flood Prevention and Control - 1937, illustrated edition 1938

Seeing Japan with Lowell Thomas - 1937
(Young readers book about Japan with photos)

Wings Over Asia: A Geographic Journey by Airplane -With Rexford W. Barton - 1937

With Allenby in the Holy Land - 1938
(About World War I British General Edmund Allenby)

Magic Dials: The Story of Radio and Television - 1939
(Illustrated by Anton Bruehl)

How To Keep Mentally Fit - 1940

Softball! So What? - With Ted Shane - 1940
(Illustrated book of Lowell Thomas' quasi-celebrity (Baseball legend Babe Ruth, heavyweight boxer Gene Tunney and others) softball team, The Nine Old Men, that used to play a light hearted annual softball game with President Franklin Roosevelt's team in Pawling, New York area during the 1930's)

Stand Fast For Freedom - With Berton Braley - 1940
(Story of the longest hardest battle in the world... the fight for human freedom)

Pageant of Adventure - 1940

Pageant of Life - 1941

Pageant of Romance - 1943
(With Frances R. Thomas, wife)

These Men Shall Never Die - 1943, reprinted 1971
(About American servicemen killed in action during World War II)

In New Brunswick We'll Find It - 1950
(With Rex Barton)

Out of this World: Across the Himalayas to Forbidden Tibet - by Lowell Thomas, Junior - 1950
(Story of Lowell Thomas and Lowell Thomas Junior's trip to Tibet and meeting with the Dalai Lama in 1949)

Our Jerusalem by Bertha Spafford Vester - 1950
(Lowell Thomas wrote introduction, served on board and was past president of Bertha Spafford Vester's American Colony Charities Association and Lowell Thomas' second wife, Marianna Munn, served as Executive Director for ten years during the 1960's and 1970's.)
(Text available online at Internet Archive)

Back To Mandalay - 1951
(About World War II in Burma/Myanmar)

Faith Made Them Champions - edited by Norman Vincent Peale - 1954
(Lowell Thomas contributor)

The New York Thruway Story (pamphlet) - 1955

Seven Wonders of The World - 1956
(Book to accompany Cinerama film of same name)

The St. Lawrence Seaway Story - 1957

History as You Heard It - 1957

Cripple Creek Days by Mabel Barbee Lee - 1958, reprinted 1984
(About Gold rush period in Cripple Creek/Victor area, Lowell Thomas wrote forward)

The Silent War in Tibet - by Lowell Thomas, Junior - 1959

The Vital Spark: 101 Outstanding Lives - 1959
(With Louis Lupas)

Cavalcade of Europe: A Handbook of Information on 22 Countries by 14 Noted Overseas Correspondents - 1960

Great True Adventures - 1960

The Dalai Lama - by Lowell Thomas, Junior - 1961
(Biography of the Dalai Lama)

Sir Hubert Wilkins: His World of Adventure: A Biography - 1961
(About  Australian geographer/polar explorer George Hubert Wilkins)

More Great True Adventures - 1963
(With Lowell Thomas Jr.)

Lowell Thomas Book of the High Mountains - 1964

Lowell Thomas, Adventurer - Lowell Thomas biography by Mildred Houghton Comfort - 1965
(Part of young reader Men of Achievement Series)

Lowell Thomas: The Stranger Everyone Knows - edited by Norman R. Bowen - 1968
(Biographical profiles of Lowell Thomas by Russel Crouse, Francis Yeats-Brown, H. Allen Smith, Dale Carnegie and others)

Famous First Flights That Changed The History - 1969, reprinted 2004, 2006
(With Lowell Thomas Junior, forward by Buzz Aldrin)

Burma Jack  - With Jack Girsham - 1971
(About big game hunter/adventurer and World War II Merrill's Marauders head army scout "Burma Jack" Girsham)

Doolittle: A Biography  - With Edward Jablonski - 1976, reprinted 1982
(About aviation pioneer and World War II Air Force Pilot/Commander James Harold "Jimmy" Doolittle)

Good Evening Everybody: From Cripple Creek to Samarkand - 1976
(Autobiography Volume 1 of 2)

So Long Until Tomorrow: From Quaker Hill to Kathmandu - 1977
(Autobiography Volume 2 of 2)

 Lowell Thomas' Victor: The Man and the Town - by Brian H. Levine - 1982
(About Lowell Thomas and his boyhood hometown of Victor Colorado)

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Magazine/Newspaper Articles

"Intrigue in High Asia: Diplomacy in the great mosque at Kabul and the gardens of the Foreign Office" - Asia Magazine - September 1925

"Thomas' Press" - Time magazine article about Lowell Thomas editing Saga Advenure magazine - February 11, 1935

First At The Pole - Lowell Thomas newspaper article/interview of Matthew Henson - April 2, 1939
(Matthew Henson was Commander Robert E. Peary's assistant, who together with four Eskimos were first to North Pole on April 6, 1909)

"THE INFANTRYMAN" - True Magazine - tribute article by Lowell Thomas - August 1944

"Man in Perpetual Motion" - Newsweek magazine cover story about Lowell Thomas - November 25, 1957

"My Ten Favorite Places" - The Rotarian magazine Vol. 92, No. 1 pp. 8-13 - January 1958

"My Most Unforgettable Character -- Bertha Vester" - Reader's Digest article about humanitarian Bertha Spafford Vester - August 1962

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The Blonde Captive - B&W - Lowell Thomas narrates adventure fiction1/documentary expedition in Australia - 1931

Throne of the Gods - 55 min B&W - About Swiss explorer Günther Dyhrenfurth's expedition into the Himalayan mountains - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1933

Borneo - 76 min B&W - Lowell Thomas serious of two narrators of Martin and Osa Johnson's Borneo travel/adventure documentary - 1937

The Lion Has Wings - 76 min B&W - Starring Merle Oberon and Ralph Richardson in film about British Royal Air Force at start of World War II -
                                    Lowell Thomas narrator U.S. version - 1940

Ski Champs - 76 min Color - Film of world's best skiers at a competition in Aspen, Colorado in 1950 - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1951

This is Cinerama - Cinerama B&W/Color - Narrator - 1952
(Detailed information about This is Cinerama available online from Cinerama Premiere Book - Scroll down to Program)

Out of this World - 75 min - Documentary with Lowell Thomas Senior and Junior about 1949 trip to Tibet and Dalai Lama meeting
                              - Lowell Thomas Narrator - 1954

Seven Wonders of the World - Cinerama color - Lowell Thomas narrates search for natural and man made wonders of the modern world - 1956

Search for Paradise - Cinerama color - 1957

Best of Cinerama - Cinerama color - Narrator - 1962

No Substitute for Victory - 120 min Color - Hosted by John Wayne - Lowell Thomas appears as himself - 1970

Patton - About American World War II General George S. Patton Jr. - Lowell Thomas narrator of Fox Movietone clip in film - 1970

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Movie Shorts

Fox Movietone News Collection - Lowell Thomas narrator - Circa 1919-1944 - University of South Carolina Moving Image Research Collection [MIRC].

It's a Bird - 14 min comedic movie short staring Charley Bowers - Lowell Thomas appears as himself in first film - 1930
(It's a Bird B&W 7:43 - YouTube)

Sponge Divers of Tarpon Springs Florida - 9:44 min B&W - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1932 - Cinelog/YouTube

Seeing Wonders - Lowell Thomas narrator, Karl Malkames director/filmmaker - 1933

Going Places with Lowell Thomas - Narrator Documentary Shorts - 1934-1937

Schlitz on Mount Washington - 22 min B&W movie short about a tourist hiking and skiing on Mt. Washington - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1935

Manila Roars A Welcome To China Clipper - 1:22 min B&W - Inaugural Flight of China Clipper - Lowell Thomas narrator - 11-29-1935.

America Marching On - 8:44 min B&W movie short about benefits of industrialization - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1937

Frontiers of the Future - 9:57 min B&W editorial short about looking ahead in 1937 - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1937

More Power to You - 9:08 min B&W movie short about oil production - Lowell Thomas narrator - circa 1930's

Know Thy Fellow Man - B&W movie short featuring Ethel Barrymore about supportting local community chest organizations - Lowell Thomas narrator - circa 1930's

This Changing World - B&W movie short about nickel mining in America - Lowell Thomas narrator - circa later 1930's

Killers of the Sea - 48 min B&W adventure/documentary about Captain Wallace Caswell Jr, who fishes for Octopus, sharks and swordfish - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1937

Titans of the Deep - 47 min B&W adventure/documentary about Dr.William Beebe and Otis Barton deep sea diving in Bathysphere - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1938

Primitive Peoples of Matto Grosso - 15:51 min B&W movie short about primitive people of Matto Grosso, South America - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1941 - YouTube

About Faces - 10:21 min B&W movie short about teeth and dental health - Lowell Thomas narrator - circa 1941-1942

A Great Railroad at Work - Part I 24:56, Part II 4:22, Part III 10:18 min B&W movie short about New York, New Haven and Hartford railroads, part I covers passenger and freight operations and maintenance, part II covers night freight, the Yankee Clipper and power stations, part III more Yankee Clipper, tugs & barges, repairs and office operations - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1942

Men Make the Navy - Part I 9:31, Part II 8:54 min B&W Navy recuiting film from World War II - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1942 - YouTube.

Gracias Amigos - 16:03 min B&W thank you film to Central and South American countries supplying raw materials during World War II - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1944

Curtiss-Wright Employment Shorts - 8:58 min B&W Curtiss-Wright Employment recruiting short films - Lowell Thomas narrates first 3 of 7 - 1944

Memories of Columbus - 8 min Color Movietone short about areas explored by Columbus on Dominican Republic - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1945

It's Wanton Murder - 9:48 min B&W American Transit Association driving safety film - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1946

Along the Rainbow Trail - 8 min Color movie short about San Juan river trip in southern Utah - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1946

The World Today: The Man from Missouri - 8 min B&W movie short about President Truman's first year in office - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1946

Cradle of Liberty - 8 min Color Movietone short about historical sites in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1946

Animals in the Service of Man - Part I 11:37, Part II 11:53 min Color American Humane Association movie short about role of animals in society, part II covers history of American SPCA with brief information on 1866 founder Henry Berg - Lowell Thomas narrator - circa 1947

The Chicken of Tomorrow - 20 min Color movie short about chicken and egg farming - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1948

World's Fair Report - 13:41 min Color - Documentary preview about 1964 New York World's Fair - Lowell Thomas narrates - 1963 - Internet Archive. (Faster download and longer B&W version Part I 9:35, Part II 9:27, Part III 9:53 min - YouTube).

Polaroid Dealer Film - 25:02 min B&W Polaroid dealer promotional film - Lowell Thomas narrator - 1964

WJR: One of a Kind - 22:13 min Color WJR Detroit radio advertising solicitation film - Lowell Thomas provides 2:20 min introduction - circa 1966

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KDKA Radio - Pittsburgh, PA - First radio appearance March 21, 1925

Lowell Thomas and the News - September 29, 1930 to May 14, 1976 - NBC and CBS radio networks until 1946, then only at CBS to 1976

 A tribute to Lowell Thomas - audio recording by Walter Cronkite - 1981

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Television Shows

NBC News Anchor - First NBC news anchor simulcasting his radio and television reports for a year beginning February 21, 1940

The Ford 50th Anniversary Show - 120 min B&W Live NBC and CBS - Hosted by Edward R. Murrow and Oscar Hammerstein, Lowell Thomas appears as guest - June 15, 1953

High Adventure - CBS - 1957-1959

This is Your Life - Host Ralph Edwards profiled Lowell Thomas' life September 30, 1959

The Jack Paar Tonight Show - NBC - Guest appearance on the Jack Parr Show that ran on NBC from 1957 to 1962 - date(s) unknown

What's My Line - Mystery guest April 5, 1964

New York World Fair Memories of 1964 - 60 min - Lowell Thomas narrates "World Fair Planning" portion - 1964

The World of Lowell Thomas - BBC - 1960's

Around the World of Mike Todd - 50 min B&W/Color - Documentary about film maker Mike Todd who was involved with early Cinerama films
                                                      - Special Feature of Around the World in 80 Days DVD - Lowell Thomas appears as guest - 1968

Lowell Thomas Remembers - 1970's

Yesterday's Witness: A Tribute to the American Newsreel - Narrator - 1977

Lions of Capitalism - 55 min - Documentary about great 20th Century American Capitalists - Lowell Thomas one of three narrators - 1977

Ike - Mini-series about Dwight Eisenhower during World War II - Guest appearance as himself - 1979

Lowell Thomas/James Michener a dialogue - video by James A. Michener, Emlen House Productions - 1981

An evening with Lowell Thomas - Lowell Thomas speaking about various things he remembers - Filmed August 13, 1981
(Available at Lowell Thomas Museum in Victor, Colorado)

Lowell Thomas Man About the World - 50 min B&W/Color - A&E Biography program about Lowell Thomas - 1997

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