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Name: Herbert Algermissen, formally from Pawling, NY
Email: hral@bellsouth.net
Date: Sat Aug 21 9:09:50 2010
Comments: I knew Mr. Thomas, my parents worked for him back when he lived at Clover brook farm. 

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Name: Robert Schoonover
Email: Schoonover, Robert
Date: Wed Oct 8 16:29:16 2008
Comments: Mr. Thomas was a model of what todayís reporters should strive to be. He was enduring and most importantly objective in his work. He didnít try to sway or slant a story like todayís news people do. 

R. Schoonover

Message: 2
Name: Nancy Coble
Email: Nancy Coble
Date: Sat Aug 19 17:20:12 2006
Comments: I am honored to sign Lowell Thomas's guest book. I have just finished reading "Touch of Genius" and am now reading "Lawrence of Arabia" both would not have been written if it were not for Lowell Thomas. 

Nancy Coble

Message: 1
Name: William Haugen
Email: whaugen@flash.net
Date: Sat Mar 4 19:18:00 2006
Comments: Grew up watching Lowell Thomas' High Adventure television series in reruns in the 1960's. Lowell Thomas' introductions were wonderful introducing remote places all over the world. His voice was deep and sure, a pleasure to listen to. Hope High Adventure television series will be made available on dvd. Had a chance to visit Lowell Thomas' boyhood hometown of Victor, Colorado in June 2005. There is a very nice Lowell Thomas Museum in Victor with a wall size poster of his Lawrence of Arabia show. Purchased a great video of Lowell Thomas while visiting. Lowell Thomas had such an incredible life, am so very thankful he took the time to write two volumes of auto biography. I have both and they are treasured.

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