This is a  recipe for Margaritas on the rocks that will make enough for two and a very pleasant dinner. The keys to an excellent margarita are fresh squeezed lime juice and  lots of ice. Limes should be ripe, soft and juicy. The Margaritas will taste smoother if they are made early.


3/4 to 7/8's cup tequila  [The gold tequilas have a smoother sweeter taste than the blanco (colorless)]
1/4   cup triple sec
1      cup water
1/4   cup fresh squeezed lime juice ( 2 or 3 limes depending on size)
lime slices
margarita salt ( not table salt )
enough ice to fill two glasses
a carafe or mixing container
a juicer (electric juicers work well and cost about $25 to 30)
two good drinking glasses ( wine glasses work well )

Mixing instructions

1. juice the limes to make 1/4 cup lime juice.
2. make lime slices to add to the top of the drinking  glasses.
3. take a lime slice and rub it around the top of the drinking glasses to lightly coat them with lime juice.
4. dip the tops of the drinking glasses in margarita salt, shake off excess.
5. fill glasses to top with ice.
6. add the lime slices to the top of the glasses.
7. in a carafe or mixing container mix tequila, triple sec, water and lime juice.
8. add mixture to glasses.
9. enjoy....

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From The Houston Chronicle May 14, 1992

Legendary margarita inventor dies

SAN DIEGO (AP) - Carlos Herrera, known locally as the man who topped a tequila concoction with salt and called it a margarita, has died. He was 90.

Herrera died Monday at Grossmont Hospital. He had moved to San Diego from Tijuana, Mexico, five years ago. His daughter, Gloria Amezcua, said he died of natural causes.

Herrera's relatives say he invented the drink at Rancho La Gloria, a restaurant he opened in 1935 at his home south of Tijuana.

He told friends that it was sometime in 1938 or '39 that he decided to mix a jigger of white tequila with lemon juice, shaved ice, triple sec and - the crowning touch - salt.

Local legend has it that one of his customers was a showgirl and sometime actress who called herself Marjorie King. She was allergic to all hard liquor except tequila, and she didn't like to drink that straight.

That reputedly set Herrera to experimenting, and he named the result "margarita" after the actress, the legend goes.

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