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Lists are in chronological order. If you know of additional titles, please send an email message and they will be added to the list! Some of H. Allen Smith's books are available online and some are still in print, the library and out of print book stores also usually have some of his books. Links to new and used H. Allen Smith books available online from Barnes & Noble and/or their Out of Print authorized sellers have been added. Additional books may be available by doing a current search for H. Allen Smith books available on Barnes & Noble Out of Print Book Search page. Since titles can be listed with different spellings review the entire list when looking for a hard to find out of print book.


Robert Gair, a study - 1939
(Biography of Robert Gair)

Mr. Klein's Kampf - 1939

Low Man on a Totem Pole - 1941
(Anthology of short stories of well known people of the day. With an introduction by Fred Allen.)

Life in a putty Knife Factory - 1943
(Follow-up book to Low Man on a Totem Pole)

Lost in the Horse Latitudes - 1944, 2nd edition 1949
(About working at Paramount Studios in 1943-44. Includes stories of many well known people of the day)

Desert Island Decameron - 1945
(Stories selected by H. Allen Smith)

Rhubarb - 1946, reprinted 1977
(Novel about cat that inherits a professional baseball team also made into movie, first of three Rhubarb books)

3 Smiths in the Wind - 1946
( Low Man on a Totem Pole, Life in a Putty Knife Factory & Lost in the Horse Latitudes)

Second Carrot From The End  by Fred Beck - 1946
(H. Allen Smith wrote forward)

Lo, the former Egyptian! - 1947
(About growing up in southern Illinois)

Larks in the popcorn - 1948, reprinted 1974
(About living in Westchester County, New York)

We went thataway - 1949
(About a driving trip through the western United States)

Low and inside; a book of baseball anecdotes - 1949, reprinted 2000
(By Ira L. and H. Allen Smith)

People Named Smith - 1950
(Stories and history of people named Smith)

Three men on third; a second book of baseball anecdotes - 1951, reprinted 2000
(By Ira L. and H. Allen Smith)

Smith's London journal - 1952
(About a trip to London)

Mr. Zip - 1952, reprinted 1977

The Compleat Practical Joker - 1953, reprinted 1980

The Rebel Yell - 1954

The World, the Flesh, and H. Allen Smith - 1954
(Anthology of H. Allen Smith short stories edited by Bergen Evans)

The Age of the Tail - 1955
(Novel about all people being born with tails after 1956)

Write me a poem, baby - 1956, reprinted 1977
(Children's writings edited with comments by H. Allen Smith)

The pig in the barber shop - 1958
(About travels in Mexico)

Don't get perconel with a chicken - 1959, reprinted 1977
(Follow up book to Write me a poem, baby)
(Text available online at Internet Archive)

Waikiki Beachnik - 1960
(About travels in Hawaii)

Let the Crabgrass Grow: H. Allen Smith's suburban almanac - 1960
(Second book about living in Westchester County, New York)

How to Write Without Knowing Nothing - 1961
(Anthology of H. Allen Smith short stories)

To hell in a handbasket - 1962

A Short History of Fingers and other state papers - 1963
(Anthology of H. Allen Smith short stories)

Two-thirds of a coconut tree - 1963
(About travels in Tahiti)

Poor H. Allen Smith's almanac - 1965

Son of Rhubarb - 1967
(Second Rhubarb book)

think small - anthology of short stories by various authors published by Volkswagen 1967
(H. Allen Smith contributed short story "Far Out Drivers I Have Known")

Lowell Thomas The Stranger Everyone Knows - edited by Norman R. Bowen - 1968
(Biographical profiles of Lowell Thomas by H. Allen Smith, Russel Crouse, Francis Yeats-Brown, Dale Carnegie and others)

Buskin' with H. Allen Smith - 1968

The Great Chili Confrontation (with recipes) - 1969
(Story of the first Chili Cookoff)

Rude Jokes - 1970
(Published in paperback only)

The View from Chivo - 1971
(Third Rhubarb book)

The Art of wasting time - 1971
(By Clifton Fadiman & H. Allen Smith)

The Best of H. Allen Smith - 1972
(Anthology of H. Allen Smith short stories)

Low Man Rides Again - 1973
(Anthology of H. Allen Smith short stories)

Lady Scatterly's Lover  by Gene Fowler - 1973
(H. Allen Smith edited this collection of Gene Fowler's writings)

Return of the Virginian - 1974

The Life and Legend of Gene Fowler - 1977
(Biography of Gene Fowler)

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Magazine Articles

"Low Man on a Lightning Rod" Collier's Weekly August 10, 1946

"Insomnia? Let Me Tell You!" Collier's Weekly January 27, 1951

"Inch and a Half to Go" Collier's Weekly September 6, 1952

"...So He Poured the Chocolate Soda Into His Pocket" Collier's Weekly November 27, 1953

"Coping With the Compliment" Reader's Digest March 1957

"The Impolite Sex" illustrated by Ron Bradford Playboy December 1957

"My Most Unforgettable Character" Reader's Digest December 1958

"Aftermath: A Wink at a Homely Girl" Esquire March 1959

"The Achievement of H.T. Wensel" Saturday Review of Literature May 1960
(Reprinted in A Short History of Fingers and other state papers)

"Polynesian Palmistry" The Saturday Review March 16, 1963
(Reprinted from Two-thirds of a coconut tree - 1963)

"The Trouble With Them Is Us" Venture (the Travelers World) June 1964

"Just Who Is J.D. Salinger?" Playboy January 1966

"Shake Hands with My Yafney" McCall Magazine March 1966

"Nobody Knows More About Chili Than I Do" Holiday Magazine August 1967

"The Great Chili Championship Fix" by Gary Cartwright Sports Illustrated December 11, 1967

"The Secret Life of Thurber's Bladder" Esquire August 1975

"The Dream House of H. Allen Smith" Texas Monthly February 1976 (by Gregory Curtis about H. Allen Smith)

"The compleat practical joker" by Genevieve Stuttaford (Book review) Publishers Weekly October 10, 1980

"The Art of Not Speaking" Saturday Evening Post January-Febuary 1981

"Black Death on the Living Room Floor" Saturday Evening Post January-February 1985

"Are you a midnight genius?" Saturday Evening Post March 1, 1989

"The Old Ballgame" by H. Allen and Ira L. Smith Saturday Evening Post July 2000

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Rhubarb   Paramount Pictures   Starring Ray Milland, William Frawley and Jan Sterling  - 1951 - Available on DVD.

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Television Shows

"One Coat of White" Playhouse 90 CBS  -  Starring Claudette Colbert, Larry Blyden, Paul Henreid and Leif Erikson.
H. Allen Smith wrote the short story program was based on. Live telecast aired February 21, 1957.
(Story appears in A Short History of Fingers and other state papers and is reprinted in The Best of H. Allen Smith)

Person To Person CBS  -  Guest appearance on Edward R. Murrow's program June 28,1959.

The Jack Paar Tonight Show NBC  -  Various guest appearances on the Jack Parr Show that ran on NBC from 1957 to 1962-dates unknown.

The Johnny Carson Tonight Show NBC  -  Guest appearance on the Tonight Show in the late 1960's-date unknown.

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