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Name: William Haugen
Email: whaugen@flash.net
Date: Mon Jul 25 10:07:00 2011
Comments: The first time I remember being aware of Burma Jack Girsham was about 2005 when I was compiling a list of books Lowell Thomas had authored for use on a Lowell Thomas Booklist. On that list was a book titled Burma Jack, authored by Jack Girsham with Lowell Thomas. Lowell Thomas had met Jack Girsham in 1958 in Assam, India while filming a "High Adventure" television program about India. Years later in 1971 when Jack Girsham wrote his book Burma Jack about his life in Burma(Myanmar) and India Lowell Thomas would write the introduction. When I was growing up in the 1960's I watched the "High Adventure" programs in rerun and probably saw the "High Adventure" program with Jack Girsham.

Jack Girsham came to mind again in 2007 when I was contacted about the "High Adventure" program featuring Jack Girsham. Then in 2009 I acquired a promotional photo from 1958 of Lowell Thomas with Jack Girsham from the "High Adventure" India program that featured a segment on a Jack Girsham Tiger hunt.

In 2011 I decided I wanted to get a copy of Burma Jack and learn why Lowell Thomas had wanted to participate in a book with him in 1971. Reading Burma Jack revealed an unexpected life story beyond jungle hunting. It covered the colonial period of Southeast Asia, World War II and post World War II independence for Burma and India. Jack Girsham's life story in those events is as dramatic as any I have read.

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