H. Allen Smith Site Notes*

7/14/2020 - Added Short Stories to main H. Allen Smith page.

12/28/2016 - Added article to H. Allen Smith magazine articles about H. Allen Smith "The Dream House of H. Allen Smith" Texas Monthly February 1976 by Gregory Curtis.

7/10/2012 - Added reference to illustrator Leo Hershfield, who added humorous drawings to many H. Allen Smith books, to Biography.

2/21/2012 - Added links to four H. Allen Smith magazine articles published in Collier's Weekly during the 1940's and '50s.

5/24/2011 - Moved H. Allen Smith site to new URL location from original home.flash.net/smith.htm site as Flash.net site closed 6/1/2011.

1/13/2011 - Added link about Arpad from Time Magazine article dated January 3, 1944 to H. Allen Smith Tidbits page.

1/20/2009 - Added a link to the H. Allen Smith Appreciation Society Facebook site and a link to the Sports Illustrated Magazine December 11, 1967 article "The Great Chili Championship Fix" about the very first Chili Cookoff, referenced courtesy of the H. Allen Smith Appreciation Society.

3/28/2007 - Added out of print H. Allen Smith books available online to Book List page. Books are available from Barnes & Noble authorized out of print book sellers. Most H. Allen Smith books are available and hard to find books can sometimes be found by doing a current search. For hard to find titles click on the drop down box and select "Number of Copies (Low to High)". Review the entire list when looking for a specific or hard to find out of print book since titles are sometimes listed with different spellings.

3/1/2007 - Added book Lowell Thomas The Stranger Everyone Knows, edited by Norman R. Bowen, 1968 to Book List since H. Allen Smith contributed one of the Lowell Thomas biographical profiles.

2/17/2007 - Updated links to H. Allen Smith books available online to Book List page.

12/21/2006 - Added Smith family's 1910 Census information to footnote 1 with link to H. Allen Smith Family 1910 Census Information page indicating H. Allen Smith was about two at the time of the 1910 Census indicating his birthday was December 19, 1907.

11/15/2003 - Added H. Allen Smith Tidbits page with notes about H. Allen Smith. Revised Guestbook to require messages be emailed to WebPost prior to posting.

9/01/2003 - Added original Guestbook entries page, restoring most of entries that had previously been deleted. Hard copies of most of the original Guestbook entries had been printed before they were automatically deleted as a result of the 25 entry limit that the previous Guestbook had and they have been added back to the site.

10/27/2002 - Added link to H. Allen Smith page - Another site with lots of information about H. Allen Smith books with photos of H. Allen Smith and book covers.

4/28/2002 - Added H. Allen Smith's guest appearance on Edward R. Murrow's Person To Person television program to Biography. Also updated Book List page with TV appearance and additional books that H. Allen Smith edited or contributed to.

8/9/2001 - Updated Book List Page.

12/31/2000 - Added a guestbook for visitors to add their comments.

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